What is the efficter between Audio tool and Aim Mode by RSSI

When aim two BH about 40 KM,what is the efficter between Audio tool and Aim Mode by RSSI?

And why audio tool only can be used in Slave end?


It is recommended that you use the audio tool when possible. To aid in aligning you should set your webpage update to something low, such as 2 seconds, and monitor the RSSI and Jitter changes.

We will forward the request on regarding the audio tool use at the master end. Until then, when aligning a link you can temporarily change the slave end to MASTER and the master end to SLAVE. This will allow you to use the tone on the side that was once the master. After aligning you could fall back to the original master/slave setup.

OK. Audio tone only be effect on the Master End,Of course maybe can change the slave to Master.

At the lab, we can listen the tone ether the Master end or Slave end. At the
site,only can be used in the Master End?

Can I use the audio alignment tool with my BH’s?
Author: Knowledge Base Administrator
Yes, but only on the slave side with the current releases.

http://motorola.canopywireless.com/kbas … d=224&c=16

The knowledge base article is just stating that you can hear the tone on the BHS or SM. That being said, are you saying you can hear a tone on both the BHM and BHS?

I have found that the tones work on both ends, but only if the device is generating its own GPC sync pulse. If you have a BH master that is obtaining its GPS sync pulse from the CMM, you will get a periodic tick in the headset. Also if you have a BH slave that used to be set up as a BH master getting its GPS sync from the CMM, you will also only get the tick. To get the tone on such a slave, you need to switch it back to master, set it to generate its own GPS sync pulse, and then set it back to slave.