What is the expected sequence of the PIDU LED's?

When the PIDU is connected to the power supply, the expected LED sequence is:

a. The Power (green) LED illuminates steadily.

b. After about 45 seconds, the Ethernet (yellow) LED blinks slowly 10 times.

c. The Ethernet (yellow) LED illuminates steadily, then blinks randomly to show Ethernet activity.

If the expected LED sequence does not occur, or if a fault is suspected in the link end hardware, check the PIDU LED states and choose the correct test procedure:

• Power LED is off

• Power LED is blinking

• Ethernet LED did not blink 10 times

• Ethernet LED is off

• Ethernet LED blinks irregularly

• Power LED is on, Ethernet LED blinks randomly

If a fault is suspected in the ODU-PIDU drop cable, perform Test resistance in the ODU cable

These test procedures are available in the User Guides available at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files