what is the latest firmware for cmm4, we are using cmm4 and with firmware version 3.0

we are using cmm4 firmware version 3.0 and consistently we cannot ping any radio connected to unless we

physically reboot or reset it to factory default, is there any latest firmware and where can i download it?

please help me out. thanks 


The latest firmware  ..  CMM4 Firmware Release 3.0


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thanks a lot , i will try and update you

Did you have any luck with this? We are having a terrible time pinging AP's connected to our CMM4. Pinging will start, stop, work for a while, quit, ping once and quit. It's having very odd behavior. All cabeling has been tested as good. This is a brand new out-of-the-box CMM and we can't figure out what's going on. We have a lot of experience using the canopy system so we are familiar with it already. We're having to reboot the entire CMM to get just 1 AP to come back up. Power-cycling the individal port will restart the AP, but it will never come all the way up to be pingable.

You're replying to a 3 year old thread... would you mind sharing the model numbers of both the CMM4 and the APs attached, as well as the software version running on each of them?

Have you opened a ticket with support yet?

I have opened a ticket with support and worked with them for several hours yesterday. Their final recommendation was to update the firmware in all AP's and SM's. I did this today - all AP's and SM's are currently running 16.01. We are using a CMM4 running 3.0. Unfortunately, this firmware upgrade did not fix the issue. This is the weirdest thing ever. We took a lightning strike on our tower several months ago. Last week we recabeled the entire tower and installed brand new antennas and radios. The CMM4 is also brand new. Now we're having this issue all of a sudden. Before the lightning strike, we were running the same type of Canopy system without any issues at all.