What is the longest shot?

What is your longest shot with any canopy eqipment? We recently did an
8 1/4mile shot with a 2.4 AP and SM (SM with Reflector). I would like to know the boundries everyone is pushing the equipment to.

I have a 40 mile ptp link with BH10 and dishes on both ends


I have 24 mile 5.7 baackhaul hop west if Indy very solid
also a 16 mile 900 hop ap to sm -80 db solid rssi about 1400 which I have found to be about the minimum rssi for useable 900 stuff

I set up a web page so people could report these sorts of things:

Its a table of different frequencies as well as reflector configs.

We have several 23.5mile BH shots on 5.7GHz20Mb. Also, we are hitting end users at 12+ miles with 2.4SM with parabolic.