What is "Too Hot" of a signal for an Sm

we have a customer who is very close to a house mount ap (next door) and is LOS and even with a new radio is having extremely high sessions. wondering if we could be burning the radio up

IMO anything above -55 is hot especially when you have other SM’s registered that are in the -70 to -80 range. You should be able to either turn the SM power control to low (<P9) or adjust the transmitter output power on P10/P11. We have some customers with a -40 to -45 on 5.7 that run flawlessly. None the less we’ve adjusted the output power as needed. IME it appears to be more of an issue with 900MHz which truly benefits from rf* balancing (thanks Jerry Richardson).

Is the equip. on the tower using GPS sync?

<edit> *changed load to rf </edit>

The AP is 900, is using sync . We turned the transmit power down ,but i was thinking more along the lines of what is too hot on the recive side of the sm? We dont load balance our ap’s and have never really seen a need to. Now there is another neighbor on the other side of the house just as close that has roughly the same signal strength (-42) and is not re-regging nor is anybody else on the ap. just this one close LOS customer.

If you’re above -45 at the SM that would probably get a little hot, but being as the SM only has to communicate with one device it’s not as critical on the receive sensitivity there. You just need to make sure you’re not blasting your AP.

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