what mean: SW update file download failed


I'm trying to upgrade 6 cnPilot E500 from cnMeastro and i keep receving this message: SW update file download failed.

What does it mean?

I used cnMeastro on premises Version 1.5.0-r12

The cnPilot actual verison is 2.5.1-r9

Thanks for your help.

Are ports 443 and 80 being blocked on the devices by any firewalls or other rules?

Everything is routed through a VPN.

This was a known issue in cnPilot running 2.5.1-r9 if user try to upgrade or downgrade the device.
Kindly reboot your device and try again.

Please let us know on which version you are upgrading this device …

I have tryed to upgrade to 3.3-r16 and 3.0-r33.

and i have also rebooted all devices and it still doesn't upgrade by the controller.

I will manually upgrade them all to be able to continue my job.

Can you please send me your cambiumID and device MAC on my email so I can check our server logs and also please attach device techsupport file from the tools page of cnMaestro GUI via private message.