What perfomance to expect using EPMP3000 and F300 on 80 MHZ Channels?

Hi All,

we are currently starting our tests of EPMP3000 in the "real world".
Just deployed a new tower with 3 x EPMP3000 with smart antennas. 

We have set 80 MHz channels on the 3 AP, on all of them the spectrun is quite clean.

We are testing using F300-25.

What we see is that when we set F300 in NAT mode, speed tests on OOKLA never go over 25-30 Mbps, while Cambium Speedtests between AP and F300 perform over 2-300 Mbps.

In the same conditions If we set F300 in Bridge mode speed tests on OOKLA perform 60-80 Mbps.

We will make more tests in the next days.
We would like to have results from other people testing new EPMP3000 and F300. What results are you having?
Also, are you experiencing any speed problem with NAT on F300?


We are looking into the low throughput issue in the lab right now and will revert to you with updates soon.

Thank you.

Hi! ANy news about this issue? Has anyone had the same problem?

Just curious… what is your ethernet MTU set at?


We see the same problem.

MTU is set to 1538. Changing to 1500 nothing changes.

Any feedback yet?.. This ePMP3000 is really not motivating in throughput performance at all.
Please we await your feedback


could you tell me exactly what kind of the issue are you experiencing? This tread is 4 year old and we run CI/CD. This means all issues were sorted but we could get new ones.