What performance should I reasonably expect?

I’m testing a new Canopy-based WISP in Alpine, Texas. When they first installed it the speed was fine: 1.2 to 1.5 up and down. But the last couple of weeks it’s become terrible: 80 to 200kbps down, 60kbps up.


They say they installed a bandwidth allocation device in their system recently so I suspect this is the cause. They have about 40 subscribers and one T1 line (soon to add another). I don’t know how bandwidth allocation devices are programmed but what is reasonable and customary in a situation like this? Am I allocated 1/40th of the 1.5Mbps T1 or is my allocation dynamic depending on other traffic? Note that they do not guarantee any specific speed and are the only game in the town’s outskirts except for WildBlue.

performance all depends on there system and how they have it set up.
that being said this site isnt really geared towards subscribers. so your best bet would be to contact your provider directly.

You can go over to dslreports wireless user forum
Its mostly complaining, but you can get some answers.
Just dont be like a lotof guys who just want information so they can call their WISP and tell them how to run their network.
Remember too, alot of WISPs consist of a guy and some gear, doing the best they can with limited funding, long ROI, Poor wireless conditions, minimal knowlege, and a wife whos constantly screaming at him for always being out on some tower instead of at home rubbing her feet.

I’d say they are being a bit aggressive. You can oversubscribe a T1 by 40:1 assuming you have a way to limit someone from hogging the bandwidth with a Peer to Peer service, or voice service.

Forget wild Blue. Perhaps your provider has a higher speed or business plan you can subscribe to for more BW?

I moved out there figuring I’d set up my own wireless network to our area if nobody else will. The local cable company bought the assets of a defunct network and fired it up, so I’m happy just to subscribe – if it works adequately. I note that the owner said he’s going to start selling VOIP to his subscribers so I wonder if his projected two T1’s will be adequate…

Let’s shift focus if you’ll permit it: for users to be able to get full use of their internet connections – meaning using Hulu, NetFlix, Skype with video, GoToMyPC, etc. – what does the WISP need in terms of bandwidth? (whatever you call your “back-end” connection) I realize WISPs need to make a profit, rub their wive’s feet, etc., so if there are subscribers who are willing to pay a reasonable fee to get full benefit of the today’s Internet, what does the WISP need in order to supply it? Or is this even feasible as a business proposition given your costs, scale, etc.?