What range can we expect out of the ePMP 5.7 GHz?

If we were to consider upgrading from PMP 100 to ePMP 1000 then we would need to consider range. What range should we expect from an ePMP 1000 5.7 GHz 90-degree sector at the tower side with an integrated radio at the CPE side? What about w/ the Force 110? Is there an adapter we can get that would allow us to use our existing reflectors? If so, what range could we expect from them? We would want reasonable link budgets/modulation levels, of course.

I would highly recommend that you use the Cambium link budget calculator available on our support site and do an analysis to see what kind of range you get. I could quote you the theoretical range but that would not be fair as many things like interference, obstructions, height could play a role in wha tyou achieve. Between the link budget calculator and link planner tool you have two very powerful mechanisms to plan your links before you put up a single unit. 

The tools are available at the following locations -


And the link planner tool




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The new link planner is amazing. Very accurate. 

We've deployed two full sites now with the ePMP 1000. Overall, it feels like the range is about the same as the PMP100, but the SNR budget is tighter - where a -80 would be OK with PMP100, you'll need a -75 with ePMP 1000.

MIMO improvements compensate for that somewhat. It feels about the same to me, once all of the factors are considered.

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