what switches are you using?

Hi everyone. 

Im fairly new to cambium epmp. slowly migrating all our gear over, 210 customers. Its going to take some time.

My question is what switches are people using out there and how are you finding their performance for your applications?

Im currently using a cisco catalyst 3560 for my pmp100 network. its also used for the epmp gear and its limiting their performance due to the 10/100 ports on it. Not a huge deal at the moment because the pmp100 AP caps out at 14mbps anyway. we only have about 10 customers on the epmp stuff and they are all businesses and they couldnt be happier with the change. Im anticipating our network being fully upgraded by the end of August and would like different options for switches if anyone uses something different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We're using used/refurb Cisco WS-C2960G's off of eBay... come in 8, 24, 48 port models, with and without PoE support. They can be had for anywhere between $100 and $400 depending on the options and ports. We don't do anything fancy with them like L3 routing, or OSPF. I also just noticed that their software EOL was in 2015, so depending on how paranoid you are, you may want to look at a slightly newer model that has current software releases. If you lock them down and keep mgmt off the internet, you'll be fine.

I got one of those as well and for some reason it keeps burning our gbic cards. we had the ptp650 on that port and the epmp on the other gig port and they keep burning out cards. maybe its just this switch thats faulty. i hope thats it lol

https://www.netonix.com/ is our switch of choice for sites with a large enclosure.  For small sites where space is limited, the UBNT edgepoint 6 port works great configured as a switch.  The only drawback to the UBNT unit is that it only does 24v out - not an issue if you are running epmp gear though.

We use Mikrotik switches . Don't really have any complaints,  they're cheap, I like being able run UDP bandwidth tests between any two points on my network (they can do TCP also but you hit the CPU limit long before you flood any link) and they provide massive amounts of real time and graphed information about every port. 

we use netonix and juniper.   

juniper are solid, performance is great. 

netonix is a good switch, 1.4.2 software has been solid for us, we've had a few minor problems in the past with a few firmware releases. 

another nice this about the netonix, they have the ability to remote power a switch with poe and that remotely power switch can also send POE.   we've got 1 site with 6 Aps powered by 2 of the small remote switches (3 each)  those APs would have been out of ethernet reach without sending power or using a setup like that.   they can also direcly power a lot of very hungy backs from the high current ports.