Whats a good P2P link???

Looking for suggestions on a 40 meg P2P link ( 20) miles LOS that won’t break the bank

I normally use Aviat (formerly Harris Stratex) for high capacity links, a 40 Mb 15 GHz link is approx 8k USD

lots of them out thier a moto PTP 500 full last time i got 1 was 9k but its a 100mb link, i’m not sure what the lites would run prob 6 or 7k

you could find a used PTP 400 link on EBAY cheep, you’ll get 48mb agro 32x16 max use the moto link planner and it will give you some good ideas too

do you need all 40mb now or can you step it up as you need it? we install PTP 100s to start with, use our monitoring software, once we get to about 75% load we will install a new PTP link, use STP on our switches while we install it, change the path costs and either leave the old PTP up for backup or take it down with no interuption to service.

your right … we dont need the full 45 at once so maybe we should look at it as you are and step it up as needed … one problem is i have 6 water tanks to hit form one tower … so cost is a major factor and I’ll look at the link planer
thanks for the help