whats best

what the best way to setup ur network if u dont have a Line of Site to a location u would like to deploy ur network

Here is how we allow remote access to our Canopy devices from outside our network.

In our rack we have a 3600 router and computer (ours is Win2003) with remote access capability. A Linux box or a WinXP box with Remote Access configured, or a Win2k box with VNC will do.

The router is configured with the public IP range and a private network ( with the router acting as the gateway for both the public and private IP ranges.

In the computer is a public IP to allow outside access, and a private IP on the same NIC to provide management of our radios.

We use private IP’s in all of the Canopy devices. Our system looks like this:
- = computer with remote access
- = router
- = BH’s, CMM’s, Switches, etc
- 10.0.x.1 = each AP
- 10.0.x.2-253 = each SM associated to the AP (you won’t get to 252 SM’s)

We Remote to the computer using the public IP, and then access the Canopy devices from there. Works great.


What are you asigning for the customer ip for the pirvate side when they dont need a public?

All of our customers get a public IP. However if we were assigning private IP’s to customers, I would probably use something like 10.2.x.x

And how do you get prizm to work with it

We do not use Prism.

I would guess you would need a second Prism server (expensive) or you would need to create a tunnel from Prism to the other PoP

Create and IPsec tunnel.

What if i use Netgear FSM726 switch at the tower site, do i still need a PC there

that swith is just a managed switch. How are you planning to use it.

Unless I am missing something, I don’t think you can.

Are you familiar with VLAN? Think of an IPSEC tunnel as a V-WAN where you have a secure private tunnel from your main PoP to your remote pop through the cloud.

This will make your remote network and extension of your main network, and allow Prism to manage the remote elements.

jerry how do u give ur customer private ips

We don’t. All of our customers get static routable IP addresses.

i mean how u give ur customer public ips

For the few residential customers we have, we use NAT in the SM unless they need to do some type of port forwarding.

All business customers are required to use a Linkys RV042 or better.

We have 2 class C’s.

can u please give me in more detail how to give my customers private IPs, whats needed

I would suggest that you download the Canopy Operators manual and read it as most of what you are asking is in there.

Have you found any way to do it faster than VNC? My VNC has a bit of lag to it…like 2-3 seconds…is it just me? lol

Chas, create a VPN to the remote site and then you can just use IE to manage the RF as if it was on your local network

Yeah that’s what I’m going to do. I was just curious why he was using VNC as well.

Win2k box with VNC will do.

while not the best, it can work. I think that you can play around with the ports and speed it up as well.