whats going on my sm??

Hi all

one of my subcriber module (SM) 's ping time naturally is good but somtimes i see that the SM could not reply that means there is no reply from my sm. what problem it is ? :cry:
sometime i see that the sm ping time is very high up to 500 ms . but it should be max 20 ms …
can anyone tell me what problem going on my sm ?

Thank you

Hasan Mahmud Riyad
System Integration Engineer

you probably have some bad inteferrence between the AP & SM…maybe the jitter is going quite high, hence the high ping times…

i’m assuming there are multiple sm’s registered to the same ap and that all other sm’s do not exhibit this problem.

first, put the sm into the spectrum analyser mode and get a “reading” of the spectral environment. monitor this as long as needed (measure the time between the ping “problems” and monitor longer than the “problem” time).

if you find “high” rf readings, then take appropriate action to counter.

however, if none is found, change out the sm and ancillary equipment (surge, power supply and connectors - i hesitate to suggest changing the cable, but that would be the next step) and retest.

hope this helps.