Whats the best 360degrees antenna for your AP?

Can you provide some links, or Manufacturer: ex: MaXrad… and how many dBi.

Thanks a lot.

opinions please.

We don’t use 360deg antennas, but I have used MTI Wireless Edge panel antennas and if the quality is any indication of the rest of the products you would be hard pressed to do better.

We use the 11db MTI Antenna. Model # MT-2430003/NH. I like the power and capaiblities of the Antenna, but don’t like the wind load and mounting issues this unit presents. Depending on your range needs and mounting location, you might consider the Cyclone units from www.lastmilegear.com. They are well built, and much easier to mount than a connectorized AP and MTI antenna. But cost a little more and don’t have as much dB gain.

We have used the MTI omni’s for a year or two. They are good antenna’s, and no problems with wind load or mounting. The winds we have had this past year have have had gusts in excess of 60mph.

A couple things to consider. I havn’t torn into one, but I am not sure if they have any internal grounding. The problem with this is an omni antenna that is not grounded under certain weather conditions will act like a giant capacitor and will discharge into the radio. I have seen AP’s slowely loose performance over time. The solution is to put an inline gas discharge surge suppressor between the AP and antenna. I would reccomend this on all connectorized AP’s regardless of what antenna you use.

If you are in a noise free environment and you dont expect the AP to have a heavy load say under 50 sm’s you will be ok. If this is not the case and you still need omni coverage performance wise you will be better off with three 120 deg antenna’s. An omni acts like a big ear listening to everything. If you have interfearance from one direction it affects everyone on the AP. You wont see an issue until you start to get the AP loaded with SM’s above 50 or so then you will start to see re-reg’s

Good luck