what's the best configuration?for WISP?

we had made a first canopy network for wisp service in this configuration

internet–VOIPBH20mb ----------->BH20MB–AP-------->SM’S–PC AND VOIP

OK!it’s work
but the problem is that sharing of file, all client can see all shared file in all network.
i have enable the nat and i had resolt this problem!
i want to know if this is the best configuration.

now i have find another problem:the VOIP (sip) doesen’t work.

how i must configure the network?sm,ap and bh?
who can said me the vaurious step of configuration?

ps: this is my first WISP network


what voice technology are you using…

SIP can handle NAT, the server/gateway needs to be configure for it and then the client needs to also know that it is being NAT’ed

the voip without a nat work,but doesen’t work with nat enable

AH, I would like to see some answers here, because I have never been able to use the Canopy NAT options with out any problems.

I have to use a router from a 3rd party to get it working without problems.

I this fixed in ver 8.0?

it is fragile… but if both the client and server know that NAT is involved then you can get away with it.

Although during NAT the source address appears to have changed, the original IP address is still inside the packet, and if the server knows that then it can deal with it.

Most VOIP clients have a setting on them, asking if NAT is being used or not.

I’ve used KallKwik with NAT enabled

Anyone tryed to use STUN server with VoIP and NAT enabled? Is Canopy NAT Symmetric or non-symmertic?

Thanks a lot


you can block network neighborhood in the “Advanced Network Config” on the SM’s, best thing to do is to block network neighbourhood, DHCP server ( you don’t want your clients to be sending out IP addresses if they hook there router up backwards, makes a mess ), as well as SNMP ( you shouldn’t have to monitor your clients routers with SNMP, unless you want too, alot of extra overhead though.

you should also block multicast packets as well, this is another option on under " Advanced Network Configuration" on the SM side.