What's wrong with the AP, BH , and CMM ?


i work for one of ISP in Jakarta, Indonesia. We already used CMM for synchronize 2 BHM, and 2 AP, but still have problem with intereference each other. Although the range of the channel each BH and AP that we use is quite ideal.

So my question is, what actually the problem is ? and what about the function of CMM if there is still have problem with interference ?

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please explain a little more of the problem you are having. what is the freq of your bh and ap’s what type interferance are you refering

Without knowing more about your particular situation, here are some ideas.

1. Download and review the user manual and addendums:
http://motorola.canopywireless.com/fp/d … f58eac8b7b

2. Confirm that the AP’s and BH’s are set to receive the sync from the CMM, not set to generate sync

3. Confirm that the two BH Master are configured identically except for color code and frequency

4. Confirm that the two AP’s are configured identically except for color code and frequency

5. Use reflectors on the BH’s to minimize self interference.

6. Turn off the two BH’s and one of the AP’s.
- Turn the other AP into an SM, and then enable the spectrum analyzer.
- Note the frequencies with the lowest noise levels.
- Turn the AP back into an AP
- Turn on the other AP and BH’s
- Set the frequencies on the AP’s to the quietest channels available.
- Set the frequencies on the BH’s as far from the AP’s as possible.

7. Check the sessions tabs in the AP’s and confirm that the SM’s power levels are at least 10dB higher than the noise level you noted previously, AND within 10dB of each other.
For example:
- If the noise level was -85dB, then make sure the lowest level of any SM is -75dB
- Make sure that the lowest SM is -75dB and the highest SM is -65dB.
- Lower the power output on SM’s substantially higher than -65

(remember to use the sessions tab in the AP for your reference)

check all of the above.

If you continue to have problems, take screen shots of the configuration screens on the AP’s, BH’s, and SM’s. Post them to a server and link to them here.


Sorry to ask here, but does the max range has to be same on a cluster ?


Yes, the Max Range should be the same for all AP’s in a cluster.

Thanks for the advices, i will try it…