when to use integrated, when to use yagi, when to use indoor

We are moving away from using the integrated 900 units, instead using yagis. We also have started using the indoor units which are pretty sweet.

Currently Im only using the indoor units ith the customer is in a town housing a 900 PoP. Im leary of the whole 1 mile away in a window los setup since customers tend to want to move things. What are you guys policies on the indoor units? (and can I please beg for a signal bar instead on the display?)

I have the integrated units to use up, Im not sure how best to get them off the shelf and deployed in a trouble free manner. I have noticed they seem to be very susceptible to interference, especially when deployed very high. Im pretty confident they generate alot of stray rf with the wider pattern as well.

Im thinking, limiting the integrated units to strictly los, low installs, 2-10 miles from the AP. This keeps them far enough away as to not generate alot of issues in the near to AP service area, i dont want the other SMs to be over powered by these with their wider patterns.

Is there any benefit to my thinking here or should i just stick em out?

Ultimately we will add in other freqs and replace or FHSS system with canopy, so these LOS customers can be swapped out and redeployed in new service areas following the same criteria.

Steve, we learned quickly when we started with trango that when it comes to radios you gotta keep costs low and keep more of the SAME unit around instead of a variety of indoor/outdoor/integrated … so we have been using only EXT units on the moto 900. We keep only that one subscriber and 2-3 antennas. (Stinger antenna for short shots, medium yagi, and huge yagi)

As for using motorola integrated units … we only used them with integrated aps in areas that didnt require timing sync and were all under 1 mile. Horizontal Pol is not very useful here due to pines. We often deploy 17dbi sectors (turn the power down on aps if required) terrawave makes this bad boys and they are only a couple hundred dollars. They dont have the front to back interference that andrews antennas have but they do have 1/4 the price.

- Joe