When using the wireless finder, it is acting like it is not making any progress

I put in the IP range to search, but it is not showing any progress and is not showing any of my ePMP equipment in Inventory. When I tell it to search, it says it is scheduled?

Can you verify that you’ve started the backend service and that there are no errors on the console? In the current version of the CNS Server, the backend service is not started by default - it needs to be manually started after installation has completed. Please refer to the quick start guide for details.

The front end and database services are started automatically after installation. Because of this the CNS Server UI will accept discovery requests and add them to the database, however they will not be processed until the backend service has been started.

Automatic starting of the backend service will be addressed in our next release.

Automatic starting of the backend services has been fixed in our 1.1 release. Refer to the Quick Start Guide and User Manual for details on checking and managing the backend processes on Windows and Linux.