When we will have PMP100 compatibility? and others

How many customers can be registered for AP?

How many clients can be connected at the same time and what is its speed?
When we will have PMP100 compatibility?

Yes, I also was curious about backward-capability when using newer AP with 100 series SMs.

Seems like the newer AP should be able to push out more bandwidth, even when only 100 series SMs are registered to it. I was very excited about that possibly happening. So, I could just change out all my APs to be 450s, and leave my 100 series SMs and change them out incrementally, yet still see a performance gain.

Well, from what I have read this is not possible. It requires both AP and SM upgrade.

We were supposed to have it Q1 2013, but that deadline obviously passed. Anyone have any idea when we will see this, if ever?

Now that 100FSK compatibility has been shot down, when will we see 430 compatibility?

I gave up on them since they left us with no upgrade path with 900MHz gear.

Way to go Cambium!

Unsure if this will be welcome news, but please see the PMP 450 Release Note entitled “Roadmap Update” at the PMP 450 Software and Documentation website:

http://support.cambiumnetworks.com/pmp/ … tag=pmp450

We are targeting PMP 430 Interoperability for the November release, R12.2.

In addition, we continue to evaluate further band spins for PMP 450. 2.4 GHz is shipping beginning next week, and we will have 3 GHz by the end of the year.