When will external layer 2 concentrator support be available

When will this feature be released? Can you provide example config for the router side of the tunnel and/or can you provide the specific settings the CN is using to form the GRE tunnel?

Hi Daniel,

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This feature will be available in 1.0.1 which is due to release soon.
We have tested with a Ubuntu machine and I have attached a script(In original post) to setup the interfaces.
Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks Chitrang,

I’ve had a look through the config provided and it looks like we would need to configure every CN individually on the headend.

This really isn’t going to scale to the size of network which would be required to make this product profitable.

You mentioned a Cisco AR100 do you have any config from your testing with the Cisco?

PS: I couldn’t find anything about the Cisco AR100 online, did you perhaps mean the ASR1000 or similar?

Hi Daniel,

You just have to add CN v6 address in the script and run script again on Ubuntu concentrator. Thats it.
External Concentrator IP is Network specific so no need to go to individual node.

Sorry I meant ASR 1000 ,we havent tested that.

1.0.1 beta is available now.

Thanks I’ll check it out

@Daniel_Bech, see this post for instructions on how to get access to the beta firmware:


did you even get this tested?

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