Where are my R200 AP Groups???

Came into work this morning and logged into Maestro to configure some routers and I no longer have any AP groups. I know for a fact nobody could have deleted them because we have hundreds of devices assigned to our AP groups meaning someone would have to go through each and every one of those and remove them from the group to be able to delete them. That process would take much longer than a weekend. I have contacted support but I need to know if this is going to be fixed or if we need to start over from scratch. 

Could you please try again now and let us know if they are back?

They are not back as of yet. Still in contact with support. I have to wait a whole day for an indian support rep to wake up and look at my account. Was there a major update that happened that broke this?? Is there any way we cans start getting some kind of notice when stuff like this is supposed to happen?

Also another big thing that's happened with the last two updates is that our routers are updating themselves to 4.3.1 but not pushing out the second firmware so they're basically being maliciously attacked by Maestro and shutdown. Any plan to stop that from happening?

Thanks for inviting me on your account, I am checking it and will fix it asap.



It is fixed can you please verify your account now.

It is fixed. Thank you for your help. Can somebody tell me why you guys insist on always breaking the system when making changes? We haven't had a single update go smoothly. It always results on in management being down and at least a very large handful of our customers being down. Back to my earlier question. Why does Maestro force a lot of our routers to upgrade to 4.3.1 whenever you guys update your system?


We force recommended version only for device which onboards first time if your cnMaestro account settings has that enabled. We dont upgrade devices which are already onboarded and managed.

Can you please send the device MAC which got auto update and were they already managed via private message.