Where can I get a replacement cable gland for 450i 900Mhz

Tower climber dropped the metal cable gland that goes in the 450i  900Mhz the other day and when we unboxed a backup 450i for its cable gland it didn't have one...   Where can I order a couple of these to have on hand  ?  I know streakwave has them or can get them because recently when we received a bunch of Cambium Force 200 dishes they were missing parts and when we contacted them to send us the missing parts we received someone elses cable glands... now I wish I had kept them.

Anyway, exactly what do I ask for or need to search for to have some spares of these on hand ?

Hi Bribble1,

Yes, you can purchase spare Grounding Glands for 450i 900MHz. Cambium sells them in a 10-pack. Part number is N000065L033A.

I'd be happy to help you out with these.