Where the heck is the firmware update?

The ePMP firmware update to patch KRACK has STILL not been released. The webinar indicated the firmware should be out on the 10th. I don't care about explinations that "it's difficult to pull off because it's a mitm attack" It's a security flaw and it needs to be patched. It's kind of disheartening that a major security flaw has not been fixed yet and Ubiquiti had firmware updates available the day the whitepaper was released. This shouldn't be something bundled into the next feature release, it should be a priority fix.


Security is our priority. Latest release candidate 3.5.1-RC10 that is available on the support web site has the patch for KRACK as well as some other security improvements.

As it was mentioned in the Webinar it is very hard to exploit this vulnerability in the wild for ePMP due to multiple complications such as custom frame formats and custom network entry procedure. 



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This is a beta and not a general release. When is the general release coming out?

We expect 3.5.1 will be released on Monday 12/4.

Thank you.

@Fedor wrote:

We expect 3.5.1 will be released on Monday 11/4.

Thank you.

Sorry, I realize it's a type but I can't help pointing out that the next time November 4 falls on a monday is in 2019... (last time was 2013)