WHERE TO ORDER ( at the best price)

we are looking to expand our system, any susgestion on the best place to buy equipment
we are looking at 6 AP’s, 100 SM’s, 2 range extenders in the 900band

Jason Radford and Joe Eustace at DoubleRadius.com have been really good to me. Great pricing and service. 866-891-3602.

I would agree that Double Radius is a good group.

Also call Streakwave Wireless in San Jose CA. Ask for Matt and tell him I sent you.

Same here for double raidus…nothing but good from them…

I highly recommend that once you pick a vendor, stay with them until they give you a good reason to go somewhere else.

Building relationships in this business is important. You want loyalty from your customers, and our vendors are no different. That loyalty comes back later when your account rep is willing to make extra calls to help you find a replacement for that blown AP on a Friday afternoon or hand carry a part to the UPS depot cause you missed the pickup window.

You can’t put a price on that.

Last Mile Gear - Best prices, no one else seems even close, there single units are way cheaper than most 25 pack pricing. There cyclone antenna’s and gear are excellent too.


I use wirelessguys.com

When p10’s first started being shipped and I was having problems Steve at wirelessguys immediately got tier two moto tech support on the phone for a conference call. He then constantly follows up to see the progress moto has made.

Good prices and good support, im happy

Last Mile Gear www.lastmilegear.com best prices, great service.