Which Frequency for Backhaul?

I have a two parter question. First part is a general question and the second has to do with our specific case:

Is there any advantage between the various available frequencies when using a backhaul? In terms of distance, stability, etc.

Obviously it would matter in terms of what is going on around the backhaul in terms of other frequencies. My point is ALL THINGS EQUAL, is there any difference which frequency we go with.

In our particular case, we are needing to put a backhaul in a midway location, because we have no LOS to the tower. So we have 5.2 backhaul going from our office to the mid-station. There is also a 5.7 AP at the mid-station location.

Then we would like to place a backhaul at the mid-station to link us to a tower.

The tower has 5.2 and 900 AP’s.

So are we safe to go with 2.4, 5.4, and 5.7 Backhauls?

I am thinking that we would not want to do 5.7 since we have a 5.7 AP at the mid-station.

And we would not want to do 5.2 since we have 5.2 AP’s at the tower.

So if it is between 5.4 and 2.4, is there any difference which one we go with?

personally i would go with the 5.4 backhaul that spectrum is farly clean where i am located in LA. good luck!!

Whatever the spectrum analyzer says…

5.2/5.4 are lower power so you will need to consider link distances.

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure that the separation between 5.2, 5.4, and 5.7 is enough for them to coexist and/or cross signal paths w/o interfering with each other.

We do this already with 5.2 and 5.7, but was not sure if 5.4 can slide in there w/o screwing things up.