Which frequency with PTP800

We’re looking into using the PTP800 for a possible project. We have to make a 21 mile link and pass 60mbps.
One of the sites has multiple 5.8 & 5.4 PTP400, 500, and 600s on it already so the 5.8 spectrum is pretty full already.

Would the PTP800 be a good solution and if so how do I know which frequency to go with?
It looks like FCC allows:
Lower 6Ghz

How do I know which is best to use and does one frequency have another advantage over the other?

You will need 11 GHZ or possibly lower run it through the path calc.

In Australia 11 GHZ and above are cheap to licence where as 8 GHZ and below get expensive.

The higher frequencies are better suited to shorter links as the higher the frequency the more rain fade effect.

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I'd sugges t that you use LINKPlanner to plan the path.  When you do make sure you use Vigants-Barnett as the prediction model.  In LINKPlanner click the title of the project then under project properties choose Vigants-Barnett in the pull down.

Thanks ...!!!!!