Why all of the cnMaestro "outages"

I know this has been discussed before, even being brought up in the ePMP forums in the last few days.  cnMaestro reports tons of outages for all of our equipment adopted even when there haven't been any outages.  Most APs haven't had a minute of down time since their last firmware update but still report them daily.  According to cnMaestro we have experienced 3570 outages or something silly.

Is there work being done on this? 


Hi jacob,

As you may have read, the cnMaestro connection to a device is a kind of realtime connection, and is very sensitive (for intended reasons) to latencies in the network. This is one of the reasons why the cnmaestro connection is seen renegotiated more often. Nonetheless these re-negs are in no way related to the device operation which will continue to remain stable even under such situtations.

We have made certain improvements to irgnore any false alarms. In addition there have been a few fixes that will make the cnmaestro connections stable. These will be rolled out soon.



Cambium Networks.

Thanks for the reply Ashutosh,

VOIP runs across a number of these links 24/7 without issue.  Does cnMaestro traffic take lower priority than management traffic even? Just curious.

I look forward to the improvements.


We know about this issue and this will get fixed.

The outages in cnMaestro is just the connectivity lost between device & cnMaestro and doesnt mean that device RF link between AP/SM is down.

All the devices talk to cnMaestro using a protocol and the outages means between device & cnMaestro only.

There could be real outage as well like device went for reboot but thats again like a disconnect between cnMaestro & device.

We are working on this to improve the alarms & events to clearly differentiate

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It goes at the same priority as management traffic, but the sensitivity is playing a role here. 



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