Why are my devices being discovered as Generic?

There are four scenarios where this typically occurs:

  1. The device is a newly introduced model and is not yet supported by WM.  This is very rare as we try to make every effort to insure that all devices released by Cambium are supported by the  network management tools.  However, if this occurs, contact support.  It is likely that a hand patched template can be made available until official support for the new device is ready.
  2. The device is running newer firmware then WM is supporting.  This is similar to item 1, and the remedy is the same.
  3. The device is on a weak link.  In this case, when we initially discover the device, some of the messages used to determine the specific device type may not get through.  Because of this WM will not recognize the device and treat it as generic.  In this case the best course of action is to select the device in the inventory, right click, and select Refresh Stored Data.  This will cause WM to rediscover the device.  Typically after one or two tries, WM will correclty recognize the device.  If this is a frequent occurance on the network then it is recommended to disable Rediscover already Discovered devices in the Discovery Configurator, delete the device by right clicking it in the inventory and selecting Delete Object and Traces, and then try rediscovering the device/network.
  4. The device was initially discovered as a Cambium device, but later switched to Generic.  This has the same cause as item 3.  In this case, the device had been previously successfully discovered.  However, during subsequent rediscoveries, some of the messages may be missed and WM will no longer recognize the device.  In addition, since there will now be two devices with the same IP address, WM will mark one of them as unmanaged (the original one) and will enable the new one for management.  The remedy is similar to that described in 3 - turn off Rediscover already Discovered devices in the Discovery Configurator, delete the generic device, and then switch the old device from Unmanaged to Managed by right clicking it in the Inventory view and selecting Manage Device.