Why can't WM discover my devices?

There are several things that could cause discovery failures.  Following the steps below can typically narrow down the issue:

  1. Verify that you have the latest version of WM and all necessary patches installed.
  2. Check the About window in WM to verify the firmware version that the device is running is supported.  If it isn't, or if the devices itself is not supported, it will likely be discovered and managed as generic device.
  3. Check connectivty to the device by pinging it from the WM server.
  4. Verify SNMP connectivity to the device by either using the MIBBrowser.bat/sh utility in <server root>/bin, or by installing the NET-SNMP command line utilities.  Also verify that SNMP credentials being used are correct and in sync with what is on the device. 
  5. In the WM UI, check under Fault Management/Network Events/Discovery Events to see if there are any hints as to what has happened.
  6. Again in the WM UI, check under Tools/Discovery Configurator and then select the Discover Logs tab.  Look for the IP address you are having trouble discovering and see if there are any hints.

Following these steps will typically reveal the source of the problem and give hints on what to do to correct it.