Why different BH/AP?

My 1st canopy radios could be either point-to-point or point-to -multipoint and the AP’s were only masters and the SM’s were only slaves but both could work like BH. Then you started selling AP/BH/SM where the BH’s cost more. Now the price of the BH and AP are the same so why not just let us buy one unit at the AP price and configure it however we want? I would also like to be able to put a AP into SM mode so that way I only need to keep one spare at some of my remote sites for an emergency swap out. Right now a very rural link would require a SM spare, AP spare, BH spare which is a bit steep for a site that only has one AP and one BH and a few SMs.

I have forwarded your request to the proper Canopy team. Thanks for the suggestion!