Why do my SMs say "NA/NA"?

Occasionally some of our SMs will say "NA/NA" under Jitter and Power Level - does anybody know why this is? Is it as simple as a misalignment? If so, why doesn't it say that all the time?Capture.PNG

I haven't used that version of the session list in a while, but I have noticed that the Link Status tab doesn't always give accurate values for signal strength and jitter until I run a link capacity test through the SM.  You could that a try.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried that and unfortunately it did not solve it.

Two week bump

Can you please try 13.4.1 beta or 13.4 official version. and report if you still see it?

I've seen something like that when the AP and SM have diffrent firmware version. Once you make both AP and SM the same problem is resolved 

Thank you both for the replies - Coincidentally, I just completed firmware updates company-wide. We'll see how that goes!

Hi, Whats the update ? Does your problem got solved after upgrade to latest?


Do you still se the issue with 13.4.1 open beta release?

Sorry about my late reply - my selfishness found a solution and forgot to share it, heh.

Upgrading to 13.4 (have not tried 13.4.1) seemed to solve the problem. I haven't noticed any SMs running 13.4 that show NA/NA.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Great that you've solved that issue... I would strongly recommend that you move to the official 13.4.1 release when possible.  There were many bug fixes and improvements that were released with this one.