why doesn't faxing work on my ePMP?

Faxes seems to connect and drop almost immediately on the radios.  Voice and data no problem.  Is there some tweeking that needs to be done.  Looking at the radios I dont see anything.  Suggestions?  We set up a lab test in our office and cant even fax within a short distance.  Using the ePMP platform.  

Could you provide more details on both your network configuration and your fax/voip configuration?

- Are the radios in bridged mode?

- Are you using an IP aware Fax machine?  If so, how/what does it communicate with?

- Are you using an analog Fax machine with a VoIP service and an ATA?

- Are you using T.38 or are you trying to fax over a voice protocol like G.711 or G.729?

Yes they are in bridge mode, we are using an ATA and G.711, and have tried t.38 but not of all upline carrier support t38 so we are using G.711 as the primary.

Dumb question: does fax work when ePMP are not involved?

Also, does it work when using a different wireless platform?

When using a Bridgewave platform Fax works, I will let you know about which units we have tested.  We have even set up a lab in our office with a short distance and really no interferrence but still cant work.


check this ... i have the same problem with voip. Spa112 lose registration and need to reboot for work again ... sip phone same problem...

We haven't had any issues with faxing on ePMP. Use this link to configure your ATA.