Why no LPU for PTP820S or PTP820C BOM in LINKPlanner?

When cusotmers use LINKPlanner to generate the BOM for PTP 820S or PTP 820C installations, you will see there is no LPU in the BOM. 

Some may ask, "Do i need an LPU in PTP 820C or PTP 820S installation?"

The answer is "NO", you don't need one if you have the grounding done properly.

The Surge Arrestor is built-in on the  PTP 820 radio and the PoE injection box. In the BOM Cambium provides the ODU grounding cable. Based on the testing and evaluation by the DEV team, we saw that there is no need for an extra LPU for PTP 820 installations if the customer did the proper work for groudning.