Why wont they take my money?

Below is a diagram that shows our typical install

The CPE radio could be a ubiquiti, epmp, mikrotik or variant of an LTE client. 

We like to install an R190V and if the customer wants to pay extra, a unifi AP to extend wifi coverage. 

But for some reason, cambium doesnt want to replace the boxes with the stars. I have money to spend, they just dont want it? 
This is my semi-annual rant asking why cambium refuses to use the more common 24v POE standard on the WAN ports of the routers, and why they dont want to design a "dream machine" type solution. 

If the customer has a non-epmp CPE, we have to use a 24v power supply, where as I would rather pay cambium slightly more for a modern version of the R200P with compatible power output on WAN and LAN1 but they dont have one. 

Cambium also doesnt have a reasonably priced equivalant of the unifi AC lite - the cambium E410 is double the price. 

So again that money gets spent elsewhere. 

Cambiums loss i guess.