Wi-Fi 6/6E: Feature request for adding additional functions to support clients to an open 6GHz SSID which doesn't support OWE


As we install Wi-Fi 6/6E APs to our customer sites, We are continually requested by them about compatibility in 6GHz’s open type SSID with Wi-Fi 4,5, and other devices which can’t have chipset which supports OWE protocol.

In Wi-Fi 6/6E, Devices needs to support OWE security protocol to connect open type in 6GHz as we know.

It means former Wi-Fi 6 devices can’t use open SSID type in 6GHz unlike Wi-Fi 6 device.

That point gives a lot of confusion to public people.

Because,in generally, they naturally thinks that the open type SSID can be used immediately without special conditions.

In addition, while other national partner companies may not be ㅡusing much, our Korean customers are using a lot of unmanned authentication policies for open SSIDs (which are handled by separate network equipment).

It means that those customers can’t use 6GHz open type SSID in their site’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Therefore, they often ask for the addition of compatible features to enable OWE open SSIDs to be connected and used on any devices.

Therefore, We would like to ask if these additional request functions can be added to the Cambium Networks WiFi 6/6E equipment.

We will wait for your response.

Dong-Yong Shin