Wi-Fi Performance not working

No AP's can perform "Wi-Fi Performance" test to cnMaestro on-premises controller.
Port forwarded like described in user guide, but when trying to perform speedtest we get the following error "

There might be some issue with the network. If you have enabled the WiFiPerf Daemon recently, it may take 2-3 minutes to start. You can check its status under Application -> Server -> Diagnostics -> Services before trying again."
The service is started in cnMaestro.


Even we found the same issue, we are working on it and will let you know the solution by next week.
We will release the patch soon.



Did you try performing the wifi test after enabling the option immediately or waited for 2-3mins?

Once you enable the daemon for first time, it takes 2-3 mins but thereafter it should work just fine.

Can you please confirm if its working or not even after you enable it for first time and wait for 2-3mins ?


Tried about 20 times 5 - 30 min. after enabling service. And tried again yesterday, 9 days after enabling, and still not working.

could you please give us teamviewer access? please can you send the team viewer details to anish.bosco@cambiumnetworks.com?


Speed test/wifi perf  is triggered between AP and wifiperf endpoint.

As we discussed  over remote session ,  wifiperf  end point *   should be local  to the AP/site.

wifiperf Endpoint can be either 1) cnMaestro instance  in case of cnMaestro is  local to  the site or 2) locally installed speed test server (where  cnMaestro instance is remote and not really part of the site network.

In your case as cnMaestro is behind the NAT/remote to the site ,  you need to follow Option 2) locally installed speed test server :

 Wi-Fi perf interoperates with the open source zapwireless tool.(https://code.google.com/archive/p/zapwireless/). So Please  install  open source zapd (zapwireless) on   local  host/speed test end point.

 Configure locally installed site level speed test server  on cnMaestro : naviagate to the site-> configuration .>wifiperf server


please refer the article http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnMaestro/WifiPerf-Network-Performance-measurement-tool-for-cnPilot-APs/m-p/80530#M72 for more details




Dear all,

I have found this post as I am not able to run the WiFiperf between my cnMaestro on Premises running in AWS and my APs.

I have read that the both end-points of the test must be local, and that there must not be NAT. So, it seems that not working is the expected behaviour.

However, and as it is described in the cnMaestro on-Premises: "Wi-Fi performance measures the backhaul speed across devices with respect to cnMaestro."

How can I Check the backhaul if both ends must be local? If both ends alre local, I just can check the cable-capacity, not the Internet backhaul.

We deploy APs with VSAT configuration and we would like to be able to test our Internet bandwidth with some kind of tool. Can you describe the utility of this tool for measuring the backhaul?

Thanks in advance.


WiFiPerf can't serve like Speedtest by Ookla. By running Speedtest by Ookla we can see internet bandwidth capacity provided on the link.

WiFiPerf built with purpose to measure speed test i.e. back haul capacity provided to AP and RF link capacity between AP and Wireless clients. Here don't read back haul as internet connection, it can be a connection from edge network to core network with an assumption no NAT box between AP and cnMaestro. 

If APs behind the NAT box, WiFiPerf initiated from cnMaestro to AP woun't work. 

If the intention is to measure the internet bandwidth capacity on AP, make use of Ookla Speed test by connecting laptop / Desktop to the port to which AP is connected.


Thanks for the clear explanation. As in the description of the tool is mentioned that is used for testing the "Bakchaul", I inmediately thought about testing the Internet connection of the AP (not of the clients), as it can be done with Meraki APs with Tools--> Throughput:

Thanks a lot for the answer.

Yes ,waited for more than 30 minutes.

Still WifiPerf is not working.

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