Wi-Fi to reach SM

One of our clients is at NLOS of the access point. We want to install the SM on the neighbour building and make a shot wireless link to the clients office. The distance is about 200 m.
Would be Wi-Fi an appropriate decision for the link or is there something better?
We works on 5.2 GHz.

This should work as long as you keep a few things in mind.
1. Make sure that the wi-fi you buy is capable of running in an AP mode so that you can install a wi-fi router on the subscriber end. One example that we use is: D-link 2100 AP at the neighbour’s house and a Dlink 524 router at the subscribers house. At 200m you may also have to install an external antennas for the 2100 and 524. Hope this helps
Vanderhoof, BC

Can we use simple Wi-Fi adapters in Ad-hoc mode, not routers or bridges?