Wierd VLAN issue

I have a client that is connected with an SM configured as so:

Dyn Learning OFF
Allow ALL frames
Untagged VID: 208

The VLAN stats for 208 show:

Frames Received : 124
Bytes Received : 7936
Frames Transmitted : 0
Bytes Transmitted : 0

The Most Recent Filtered Frames shows:

SrcMAC : 00-c0-02-c6-ce-79 VID : 103 Length : 68 Type : Egress
SrcMAC : 00-13-46-e0-db-02 VID : 208 Length : 64 Type : Local Egress

It seems to be filtering 208 even though that is what it is supposed to be tagging with.

The other end is a backhaul and the AP between is set up fine with other VLANs working well.

No traffic is passing between the two sites. Any clues?