I have a 1000 Integrated Radio EPMP but I want to activate the option in a wireless access point to connect various devices to the access point. And I put as open and I aparace not enabled SSID on my device so I can connect. Anyone know how to configure a wireless access point?

Do you mean that you want to take an integrated ePMP1000 2.4GHz SM and run it as a wifi AP?

Go into Radio settings, set mode to 'Access Point', select Country Code if needed.

Select 'Standard WiFi' for Access Point Mode.

Set your Frequency Carrier as desired, keep Channel Bandwidth set to 20MHz or 40MHz.

Set Security as desired.

The above worked for me 10 mins ago with a Force200 ePMP 2.4GHz SM, successfully connected my cell phone and tablet to it and browsed the web.



Thanks for the support, grettings!!