WIFI disconnections

Customers complain about lots of wifi disconnections and having the need of retyping the wifi password again for having wifi access.

Any idea or hint... I don't find any explanation in the cnPilot r201 manual about the big list of variables that we can configure in the wireless menu interface.

Yes. Constantly. We are stopping deployment on all R series routers, moving to Calix. Support is unresponsive. There's either hardware or software issues. Too many problems for a well run network. Good luck to people who feel like spending their time troubleshooting this.

Anyone want to buy a lot of 300 R201 / R201W / R201P? I'll give ya a good deal and I'll send in my purchase order to replace all these. 

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I hated the process going up to 4.4.2 then it seemed stable. I then upgraded to 4.5 and i had a ton of customers saying the 5 GHz Wi-Fi stopped working. Then they had lots of disconnects and lots of issues...I reverted back to 4.4.2 and I hope that solves my issue. 

Please let me know if 4.4.2 solves your Wi-Fi drop out probelms. We have thousands of 201P modems deployed and the wi-fi is a major problem.

Didn't fix a thing. We have to manually factory reset the pilot and reconfigure them....

After attempting to resolve this for weeks and changing one setting at a time, I have found that the new 4.6-R8 firmware along with disabling IP conflict detection has resolved the WiFi disconnect problem. IP conflict detection isn't necessary to have enabled. I have found that at least one device would disconnect every 10 minutes or so. IP confilict detection interval was set to 600 seconds which would explain why this happened every 10 minutes. 

Thought the whole time it had to do with not having enough DHCP leases. This has been tested at my own house along with 2 customers that are trusted sources and were messaging me about wifi disconnects daily before these changes, changes were applied 1 week ago and no issues yet.

IP conflic detection is found under the Network - Advance tabs.