WiFi enterprise MESH


do we really (will?) need a cnMaestro X license for MESH support?

No !!!
Just use CLI:

sh wireless mesh
sh wireless mesh statistics
sh wireless mesh-xtnded-list

I’m talking about cnmaestro.

Yes it works under cnMaestro :slight_smile:

Please, stop here.
That’s NOT a cnMaestro’s supported MESH, that is a MESH managed DESPITE cnMaestro.

Thank you

This is exactly the same as under the “Mesh peers X” tab, except that not in the table :frowning:


We had been contemplating this since sometime and have decided to move Mesh Peers visibility to Essentials effective from upcoming release – 3.1.1.



Thank you @Cambium_Ajay ,

this is a very good news.

When 3.1 and 3.1.1 will be expetcted to be avilable fo on-premises installation?

On-Premises 3.1.0 is tracking towards mid of Dec-21 and 3.1.1 early Feb-22.


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