Wifi for Hotel with E400 indoor and outdoor ...?

Hi, sorry about my English. My name is Daniel. I'm trying to put wifi in a hotel , it have 50 rooms. I'm thinking in use E400 for hallways o hall ( I'm not sure about is the name correct in english) , these are the way where all rooms are connected. For outdoor I need a Directional AP to " iluminate" from outdoor the windows of rooms. My local provider ofer to me E500, but it's Omnidirectional. It's my first proyect with Cambium and I'm not sure E500 is the best option.
I would admin all with cnpilot .
Can some one help me to choice the right cambium equiptment?
Thank you in advance!

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The E501S has a directional antenna. Please see the response to the same question here

Thank you... and sorry ..


Youi're welcome! You did the right thing by creating a new topic. That's usually the best way to draw attention to a question, as sometimes queries asked in older topics don't get noticed.