WiFi Hotspot Scenario for Home Users

Dear Cambium Members/Seniors,

We want to give WiFi solution over this scenario. Details are mentioned in points.

1- We will establish Centralized Location as seen in diagram.
2- We will installing AP (Access Point) on centre location which is connected with switch/router to provide internet services.
3- We will plan to give WiFi services around 100m of aerial distacne to covered the in-house signal penetration and givee WiFi service inside the home & appartments or open areas.
4- Is any Cambium AP with 9dBi omni antenna covered this distance with 6" wall concrete penetratration to provide best WiFi signals to end user devices or we need to install cluster of 90 degree or 120 degree sectors to provide strong signals inside the houses/appartments?
5- Kindly also suggest other solutions if above equipment/antenna is not suitable according to above mentioned requirements.

Your suggesstion will be helpful here to discuss this scenario.


Kashif Khan.


Hi Kashif Khan,

We see challenge (in client communicating back to AP and AP signal coverage inside the home) in providing direction solution for the scenario mentioned from your side. Few of our partners tried this model and eventually gave up because of signal coverage issue, but developed alternative solution which is huge successful (it comes with additional cost).

The alternative model involves, erecting / placing Wi-Fi out door CPE on the top of customer building to have direct Wi-Fi link to cnPilot APs. From the roof top, the network is extended through ethernet cable by placing low cost home router inside the customer house.  

The end Wi-Fi / LAN devices connects to home router, which is configured to work either in bridge / NAT mode based on their design.

The preferred AP used in this deployment is E501S and E502S.

With Regards,