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Well, I bought 2 epmp 1000 2.4 connectorized client radios to test with before I buy many and start to change out clients and then finally change my aps after that. The question I have is this. I read that I should put the epmp clients in wifi mode and connect them to my ubnt current sectors. but when I select wifi mode I dont have a option to run in 10mhz width I only have 20 and 40mhz. Am I missing something here? I have my 2 ubnt sectors running at 10mhz width because I can run them at 20mhz all on the same tower, too much noise. While in 10mhz on the unbt 120 sectors I have a -92 noise floor While in 20 mhz I have a - 89



20 and 40 MHz are the supported bandwidths in WiFi mode. We have not planned on adding other channel bandwidths yet. 



10 MHz should be on the books.  Make it work with Ubnt (and presumably by proxy Mikrotik).  The Wifi mode is to transition away from Ubnt/Mikrotik devices so it only makes sense to be as seemless as possible.

I agree. That’s the biggest reason we are stuck in limbo… no good transition plan. We have about 2000 clients and 100+ sectors of non-Cambium gear out there. The two biggest reasons we aren’t switching yet is 1) we can’t see a real-time “at a glance” view of every user on the sectors current xfer rates, and 2) we can’t figure out a good wifi to Cambium transition plan. If there was wifi compatibility in 10 and 20 mghz on the AP & SM, that would help lots.

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With no 10 mhz wifi mode it makes it almost impossible to change without doing everything in one shot. Well I will have to go back to the drawing board on my thoughts of changing over at this point. 

what we have done:

our UBNT deployments, 1 AP at a time, flipped it into 20mhz, disabled airmax.  noise did reduce the dependability and throughput of the channel some but very tolerable. keep in mind MCS 10 in 20mhz mode gives the same performance as MCS 13 in 10mhz mode. if 4 points of noise is your issue, then your safe.  Changed the CPES, then changed the AP and adjusted settings, wash, rinse and repeat. worked smoothly. 

smaller sites with 20 or 30 subs, we just had 2 installers go change out CPEs  (strong signal CPES first since tower was off) and a tower team hit the tower. all the work was finished in 1 day and customers didn't complain about the upgrades

most sites we changed from 3 UBNT aps to 4 cambium APs to conserve spectrum and more easily allow for the future change into 20 mhz mode as needed.