wifi problem with R200P


we have a serious problem with R200P wifi. sometimes works but often we have a packet loss and no internet.

try to change Country, or band with 20mhz or 40mhz.

try to upgrade firmware.

what can I do?


Please check with 20MHz , where is AP installed and what is the channel condition and interference?

Also please let us know what version R200 is running with

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router is installed in the Ā house (ex. kitchen) with nothing in front of.

in the same condition with other router work all good.

i use Ā 4.3.1 and I try older one too.

same problem.


Hi Elia,

Please export the device config and share with us. Based on that we can suggest improvements if any.

Ā Sometimes if the channel of operation is noisy setting to a different channel (auto -> 1 OR 6 OR 11 etc) may help.

20Mhz is recommended for 2.4 GHz.

No microwave unit near the device right ?

Also check when seeing poor quality, if you are getting internet on connecting to the LAN port of the R200. This will prove that it is the uplink and not the wifi that is down/slow.



can u tell me an email that i can send the script?

try to use 20mhz Ā and try auto channel or selected channel but still the same problem.

devices disconnected Ā sometimes.

with lan always work good. wifi is the problem.


please export and send the device configuration to ashutosh.datta@cambiumnetworks.com





Hi Elia,

We are investigating the issue. We loaded your configuration and analysed it. Did not see anything unusual..

Just to confirm, you have already tried different channel setting 1/6/11 (instead of "auto")?

And also selected 20MHz Channel Bandwidth?

Can you also send us the logs at my email address.

When connected to R200 that is the RSSI the wireless clients are seeing ?



yes I try with 20mhz channel or 40mhz.

i try with auto channel and manual too.

I try to change country too.

every device in wifi disconnect and riconnect often.

in lan all is good

ok thanks.

Please share the R200 logs with us.



do it via email

let me know