Wifi system problem and wrong ip

Hello everyone, I have a system made up of 2 cnMatrix EX1010-P switches with firmware 4.4-r3 connected by fiber to each other and connected to them well divided 12 cnPilot e410 access points with firmware, the system releases IP 10.10 .10.X and often when customers’ devices enter the network they take IP 169.254.35.X or, therefore totally different from the ones I set. What do you think it could be due to? A thousand thanks

No dhcp server in the network

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Self assigned IP address.

If you are still facing this problem then please send the cnMatrix and cnPilot e410 configuration to me( Email id: niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com).

hi sorry for the delay. yes, there is a router with dhcp enabled on the network. but I think I solved it by changing the ADSL line and the router. now everything is working even if occasionally some devices take ip but navigate correctly in the end.