WIFI4EU captive portal, snippet

Hi Dominic,

Last year I followed the attached instructions. No need to do any alterations. Follow them exactly as they are. I do not believe anything changed. I will be finishing another installation next week and hopefully they are still the sameCambium-Step-by-step instructions for wifi4eu.pdf|attachment (1.5 MB)

Thank you for your response.
I read carefully the letter I got from EU and exactly you have to post:

5.5 Installation of WiFi4EU visual identity element 
In order for the portal page to comply with the requirements of the WiFi4EU programme, it is necessary to place a special marker 
The snippet will insert a picture, which is an element of visual identity. The snippet loads 
The snippet loads the appropriate visual identity element depending on the language set, which is determined by the parameter 
wifi4euLanguage parameter.   
The replacement tag for the visual identity element:  
- should contain the string wifi4eubanner like the HTML id for the img element ; 
- should have the originally specified width and height;  
- should not be covered by another element;  
- should be visible; 
- It should be in a visible area of the page;  
- should not have its transparency (opacity) reduced.  
To install a corporate identity element, the following should be placed in the code of the portal page 
code fragment: <img id="wifi4eubanner">.

I did everything according to the instructions from Cambium, but according to EU, this element is missing from the home page .
I don’t know how to add it.

Only use the instructions from Cambium. You will not need the EU instructions.

So I did.
But I got an official letter that this item was missing.


We had similiar problems reported from EU, but after checking with them in details, it turned out that it was not the problem on landing page at all.
EU has really “dumb” system in the background so far and in case there are no clients connecting to network, they will just simply say that banner is not showing up correctly.

Trust me, there are 1000x of deployments around EU and if you do it as Cambium gave instructions, it works.
We had some problems with iPhones, but I think that was also resolved at some point with software upgrade on APs and cnMaestro.

Kind regards

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I’m glad to hear that, I’ll check everything again.

I have encountered yet another problem.
I can’t uncheck the option: "Enable Self-test Modus ".

The manual says to uncheck this option after getting the UUID code.
I uncheck it, save and after refreshing the page I still have this option checked.

In the video I show the problem with enabling WiFi4EU function
I also created a new “access portal” but whether in the new or the old one I cannot turn on the WiFi4EU option,

A video showing that if I have the WiFi4EU option unchecked I can save changes, but if I check it, the save button does not work.

I got the answer:
The Content->Page Title field cannot be empty. If no content is entered, the save button cannot be pressed.

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