WiFi4EU configuration on CnMaestro


Could anybody advise/help on what need to be configured in the parameters of WiF4U beta splashpage?

Network Identifier


Show Self Test Modus

Show banner text 

Show Logo

I have enabled the three last parameters but no effect on the portal...


Please refer to the details here:


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I belive that there many of you who have already succesfully finished at least one municipality.

Is there any specific that we should configure on APs/cnMaestro to pass test? Should we turn on Hotspot 2.0, or any other specific?

We know about the snippet on cnMaestro/Splash page.

Thank you!

Pleaes refer technical document "wifi4eu" posted at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/cnpilot-tech-ref/ for configuration.