WIFI4EU customer/login_portal accounts

Hi All,

Anyone with WIFI4EU experience: I am just about to initiate my first WIFI4EU installation. I will be using cloud cnMaestro instead of the in-premise solution. As I have just found out I cannot give to my customers cnMaestro management access to their networks without seeing my other customers, should I create a new cnMaestro cloud account for each of the municipalities I will be installing? By doing that, is there anything I should watch out, especially with the login portal creation?

Yes you should :slight_smile: If any problem please contact me kontakt@budujemywifi.pl

Thank you. I will keep your contact details.

I think you would be better of with MSP version of cnMaestro. We have it and use it all the time. Much easier for us. Look into it.
We also use cloud version.


Hi and thank you. What is the MSP version? I know the cloud, the in-premise and the appliance but this is the first time I hear about MSP.

It is a feature you can enable to have multiple account inside one acount.
Just search on forum on read on support page in user guide, you will see if thats what you want.
I think this is a superb feature.

I think I found it after posting my question in the community. I will make sure it is the feature you are recommending. Thank you!