WiFi4EU Guest Access Portal problems


Did anyone had any weird problems with landing page for WiFi4EU?
We have several municipalities working via the same cnMaestro account with MSP enabled. All access portals are done the exactly the same way and all of them passed EU initial checks. We just received that landing page on one municipality is not working as it should

We got their screenshot that is showing months and per days when "Visual identity was not present". For that municipality we have 3 "networks" and seperate 3 landing pages. Problems are shown on all three of them and just for one municipality.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this behaviour? cnMaeatro allows us to see history just for 7 days...

Print screens:



The access portals, as you mentioned are implemented in the same way and working as expected with EU compliance checks passed. 

 But on one of the implemenation you mentioned there a issue with message  -  "Visual identity was not present" unevenly for days as shown in the uploaded calendar screenshot.

The WiFi4EU portals created using cnMaestro, provide appropriate placeholder for the 'Visual identity / WiFi4EU Logo' as per the EU Commission norms and compliance is taken care by cnMaestro. It is a generic behaviour across all portals, and in case there is any issue from cnMaestro side, should impact all portals.

To troubleshoot - Request you to gather more insight from the concerned authorities.

Also the reason might be due to device is down / unreachable / disconnected, or no one connected on those portals, for the following dates.

To debug further, Can you filter your Notification -> Events tab on device MAC (or / and)  WIFI_CLIENT_CONNECTED events on those particular dates ? This will help us understand if clients connected on those days in that municipality and any stats were collected. 

Thank you both for ideas and instructions.

I checked events on those dates and as it turns out, there were very few, to no clients connecting to our network.

I will ask them for additional informations, but I think the reason is that there were no clients connected to network.

Also, when filtering when trying to select filter "WIFI_CLIENT_CONNECTED" there isn't one to select, you have to type it down to get it. Is this on purpose?



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Glad it helps. We do have filter for that event in 2.3.0-r29, attached image below . Can you let us know what build you are seeing this issue, will check it out. 

In 2.4.0.-r5.

I have filters, but I have to search (type) for them. You cant just scroll down like for others...

To let you all know how this story ended so far. 

Our network and splash page works as it should, no problems at all. Here is explanation how WiFi4EU checks works:

"Please note that the INEA remote monitoring check is based on two parameters, the number of connections and the visual identity of the captive portal:

  • For the number of connections, the system starts sending warning notifications when for 7 consecutive days it does not detect connections. Please note that when the monitoring system does not detect connections it does not mean that the network is down, it means that the monitoring does not receive feedback. If for instance one user connects to the WiFi4EU network but their device does not allow cookies then the monitoring will not receive data.
  • Regarding the visual identity, the WiFi4EU system checks for every connection detected if the WiFi4EU banner is correctly installed and visible. The system starts sending notification once the visual identity is not detected for at least 70% of the connections detected for 7 consecutive days. This check depends on many parameters (proportions, but also the time of upload of the banner, sometimes colliding script in the source code etc.). It is difficult to exactly identify the cause of failure in visual identity.

In all the cases, please keep in mind that that the automatic emails you receive are only warnings and they do not lead to any immediate consequence. In case of serious problem in a network, we will contact you directly to investigate on the reasons before taking any initiative."

Hope this helps other that may have problems because of COVID-19.

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We just got this information today from INCEA - CEF:

Can you please try to remove the property “width 56%” from the class =”wrap ng scope”  like below?

Moreover can you please test/make sure that the WiFi4EU banner is downloaded fully before the user clicks to connects to network?

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